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We are just like you - regular people dealing with everyday struggles related to real estate and mortgages while trying to make the most of every deal so that we can get ahead. We find most people in that same spot when they first meet us.

Because of that similarity, we understand where you're coming from. We've been there ourselves, and we know firsthand the challenges you might be facing.

The only distinction is that we now have an extraordi
nary understanding, connections and success in the real estate and mortgage world and are in a position to assist and serve you."

Lunch On Us

Let's break some bread and talk someday soon!

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A little more about us

Hi, we are Sat and Poonam, 30-year residents of the Fraser Valley, parents to two amazing kids and kids to two elders (Our parents).

We understand that making the most out of your real estate deal is incredibly important to you. As a client, we've been in your shoes and have worked with many real estate agents and mortgage brokers over the years.


We empathize with the amount at stake when you make your next move. It may simply be another deal for realtors and mortgage brokers, but for you, it's likely one of the biggest deals of your life. We've been where you are many times and remember constantly thinking about how to make the most of our real estate deals.


We've had both positive and negative experiences with professionals in this industry. Given that all of our life savings were invested in these deals, we hoped for a constant force that was positive, caring, predictable, solid, and knowledgeable enough to lead us to successful outcomes. Now that we are in the real estate and mortgage industry on the serving end, we promise to be that force for you. We aim to be transparent, caring, respectful, and available like a good old friend.


We prioritize relationships, work ethic, leadership, positivity, negotiation skills, and determination. These are all essential qualities when serving clients in this industry. We wholeheartedly put these gifts and talents into serving our own family and the families who trust us with their real estate and mortgage business.

One of the highlights of our days today is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results in Real Estate.


We appreciate your consideration, and we hope to have the opportunity to earn your trust as well.

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